For Your Love – the Yardbirds

For Your Love

For Your Love

1965年、ヤードバーズ時代のアルバム。2曲目、”I’m Not Talking”のギターが良い、と思ったらJeff Beckだった…

  • Side one
  1. “For Your Love”
  2. “I’m Not Talking”
  3. “Putty (In Your Hands)”
  4. “I Ain’t Got You”
  5. “Got to Hurry” (take 3)
  6. “I Ain’t Done Wrong”
  • Side two
  1. “I Wish You Would”
  2. “A Certain Girl”
  3. “Sweet Music” (stereo, take 3)
  4. “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl”
  5. “My Girl Sloopy”


  1. “Baby, What’s Wrong” (demo)
  2. “Boom Boom” (A-side of German/Dutch “Honey in Your Hips”)
  3. “Honey in Your Hips” (B-side of “Boom Boom”)
  4. “Talkin’ About You” (demo)
  5. “I Wish You Would” (demo)
  6. “A Certain Girl” (demo)
  7. “Got to Hurry” (demo, take 4)
  8. “Sweet Music” (demo, take 4)
  9. “Heart Full of Soul” (demo, sitar version)
  10. “Steeled Blues” (B-side of “Heart Full of Soul”)
  11. “Paff…Bum” (shorter version, B-side of German “Shapes of Things”)
  12. “Questa Volta” (A-side of Italian “Paff…Bum”)
  13. “Paff…Bum” (longer version, B-side of “Questa Volta”)